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It is Global Ignite Week, so I made it along to Ignite London 4 last night.

I watched the second and third session of presentations whereby several brave speakers presented to a 200+ strong audience using 20 slides that remained for only 15 seconds each. Their aim was to enlighten you in five minutes. I have written here three points of inspiration to share that I have taken away from this particular Ignite event.

Keep calm and bake a cake. @jemimah_knight created the hashtag #knighttimepatisserie to share the process of baking cakes, the end product and then subtle strategic organisation of cakes as an example of fun, technical creativity. The capacity crowd all agreed that cakes were great so this presentation was off to a good start. I was amazed by previous cakes including those in the shape of lego pieces, blocks of cake to form digits (and then rude words children make on calculators) or computer code written on cupcakes with icing. Whatever the inspiration, it is possible to achieve technical creative excellence and share a photo or two knowing that you have taken the time away from the stress, targets and whatever else there may be in your day to bake cakes. Above all else you can eat your creation at the end! The message was simple, we are all free to do this and deserve a break, so why not give it a go and set up your own patisserie?

Why libraries are great? @Girlinthe highlighted to the audience that if libraries were new today we would all flock to them, and appreciate all that they have to offer with little hesitation.  The library is responsible for holding information that people need, when they need it and where it is needed most. We heard that librarians are everywhere including offices of organisations, law firm libraries, university libraries and public libraries. People will always need information, and somewhere authoritative to help them gain access.  This is precisely why support such as Voices for the Library is gathering momentum to ensure future generations can enjoy using their public library, saving them from cuts. 

I know what you did five minutes ago. A presentation from @tomscott.  There is so much to talk about from this fantastic presentation, and I am looking forward to seeing this one again. The audience was treated to real time examples of how much controversial, often bizarre but sometimes personal information is shared by people around the world on social networks. It was pointed out to us that there are a great number of security settings when using social networking sites, and if you do not want people to know what you did five minutes ago, check you are making best use of the settings available.

Sadly there were presentations that I missed some of which members of the audience were still talking about at the end, namely ‘How standards changed the world’ so I will certainly make sure that I am not late next time.

Ignite London 4 was good fun and thanks goes to all organisers and those involved in making such a fantastic event happen. Keep an eye out on the Ignite London website for any photos, videos and slides as they will be signposted to from there. I certainly cannot wait to see them.



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